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Publications of Christian Wewetzer

In Proceedings

Markus Kerper, Christian Wewetzer, Martin Mauve
Analyzing Vehicle Traces to Find and Exploit Correlated Traffic Lights for Efficient Driving
IV '12: Proceedings of the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium. 2012.
Markus Kerper, Christian Wewetzer, Andreas Sasse, Martin Mauve
Learning Traffic Light Phase Schedules from Velocity Profiles in the Cloud
NTMS - Mobility and Wireless Networks Track (NTMS'2012 - Mobility & Wireless Networks Track). 2012.
Markus Kerper, Christian Wewetzer, Holger Trompeter, Wolfgang Kiess, Martin Mauve
Driving More Efficiently - The Use of Inter-Vehicle Communication to Predict a Future Velocity Profile
VTC 2011 Spring: Proceedings of the 73th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference. 2011.
Christian Wewetzer, Björn Scheuermann, Andreas Luebke, Martin Mauve
Content Registration in VANETs - Saving Bandwidth through Node Cooperation
ON-MOVE 2009: Proceedings of the Third IEEE LCN Workshop on User Mobility and Vehicular Networks. 2009.
Axel Wegener, Horst Hellbrück, Christian Wewetzer, Andreas Luebke
VANET Simulation Environment with Feedback Loop and its Application to Traffic Light Assistance
AutoNet 2008: Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE Workshop on Automotive Networking and Applications. 2008.
Christian Lochert, Björn Scheuermann, Christian Wewetzer, Andreas Luebke, Martin Mauve
Data Aggregation and Roadside Unit Placement for a VANET Traffic Information System
VANET 2008: Proceedings of the Fifth ACM International Workshop on VehiculAr Inter-NETworking. 2008.
Christian Wewetzer, Murat Caliskan, Andreas Luebke, Martin Mauve
A Search Engine for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
V2VCOM 2008: Proceedings of the 4th IEEE Workshop on Vehicle to Vehicle Communications. 2008.
Christian Wewetzer, Murat Caliskan, Andreas Luebke, Martin Mauve
The Feasibility of a Search Engine for Metropolitan Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
AutoNet 2007: Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE Workshop on Automotive Networking and Application. 2007.
Christian Wewetzer, Murat Caliskan, Klaus Meier, Andreas Luebke
Experimental Evaluation of UMTS and Wireless LAN for Inter-Vehicle Communication
ITST 2007: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications. 2007.