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EDEN: Extensible Discussion Entity Network

Author(s): Christian Meter, Alexander Schneider, Martin Mauve
Title: EDEN: Extensible Discussion Entity Network
Published: In Proceedings, September 2018
Keyword(s): versioning, statements, argument exchange, dialog-based online argumentation
Abstract: Enabling the reuse of arguments as entities that can be shared across multiple Internet-based discussion platforms and that can be improved upon while they are being used and reused has many benefits ranging from easier participation in an online discussion to increasing the quality of arguments. In this paper we propose a mechanism that is able to support the large-scale reuse of arguments by providing distributed version control of argument data. Building on that mechanism we have designed and implemented EDEN, a framework which enables platform providers to easily network their discussions. EDEN is designed for real-world use and provides all tools necessary to enable the reuse of arguments and their interrelation for users and providers alike.
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